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Get Ready to Rumble! Custom Bent Perfromance Exhaust...

We are one of the last TRUE exhaust specialists in the Denver area. We've been bending custom tailpipes and full performance systems since the 1970's. Bending pipe is an art, and we are veterans. Why pay for a bolt on kit that will most likely need modifications when we can build it right the first time? Of course we can install your bolt on kits too, but let us help you make the best choice before you pay more.

We Can Build It

We Have Your Brands

We have all the performance brands to match your needs, including vehicle accessories like aFe Cold Air intakes & Edge performance programmers.

We can upgrade your diesel exhaust and get it emission legal too. We specialize in 4" and 5" turbo back and cat back Diesel Exhaust kits and can match them with EPA certified diesel converters. Want to get the most of your truck when towing or burning rubber? Ask about our Cold Air Intakes and Performance Programers.

Diesel Upgrades

Aero Exhaust Perfomance

Mighty Muffler is an authorized dealer and long time enthusiast for Aeroturbine Exhaust. These mufflers create a scavenger effect in your exhaust system. Ask us to pair up your custom exhaust with one of these.

     "After more than three years of research and development, working with engineering departments at local Universities the Air-Foil technology was tested and perfected. [They] performed so well on diesel applications, drastically reducing engine temperatures and increasing performance and fuel economy. This moved Aero to begin manufacturing them for gas vehicles as well and we have seen great success with them in all variations of motorsports ("


We Do Import Performance

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Trust Us With Your Dream Machine!

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