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What's a Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter is a marvel of chemical and engineering technology. It cleans gases passing through vehicles’ exhaust systems. Catalytic converters typically consist of a ceramic or metal honeycombed monolith substrate that carries precious metal catalysts. The coated substrate is wrapped in an protective thermal mat that expands when heated, securing and insulating the substrate, which is contained in a tough stainless steel shell and becomes a component in an engine exhaust system. As exhaust gases pass over the catalysts, chemical reactions occur that convert pollutants into harmless gases and water. Hydrocarbons combine with oxygen to become carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxides react with carbon monoxide to produce nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and with hydrogen to produce nitrogen and water vapor. (source: AP EXHAUST PRODUCTS)

Does your emission test look like this? Bring it to us and lets find a solution. Depending on the section your vehicle failed, we may not need to replace the converter, but a more economical part like an Oxygen Sensor. If another shop installed your part, there may be leaks that are keeping your new converter from functioning properly. But remember, a bad converter is always the symptom of other problems in your vehicle, make sure you address the real problem before investing in a new converter.

Pass Your Emission Test

Did you know the state of Colorado can fail your vehicle even if the Catalytic Converter is working properly? It's not as simple as picking up a converter from the part store a throwing it on. Converters must be cataloged and EPA certified for each vehicle. You must also stay with the original number of converters that your vehicle had when it rolled out of the factory. At Mighty Muffler & Brake, we keep in constant contact with Air Care Colorado and know what regulations can impact your test. Are you planning an engine swap or a performance exhaust upgrade? Talk to us about what the state will allow before you make a costly mistake elsewhere. Just because a part can be used, doesn't mean it should be used. And remember, there is still a Federal Law against replacing converters with straight pipe. In fact, most modern vehicles won't even run properly without converters.